Our Mission

We value our start-up, solopreneur and micro business community. This area of business is often ignored because their budget is very limited however they need the most help and guidance. There are a number of small business courses out there but they are missing the coaching factor and that is what we bring to the table. We wanted to ensure that proper care, time and support are top priorities so we have created a system that was easy to manage by the coach leaving them the fun part of coaching. 

Our culture is very important to us here. We want to ensure that our coaches always know that they are our top priority which is why this training exists. Usually the coach is left with all the heavy lifting on their shoulders. That was not the model I wanted to create. There are not many coaching academies that train you in their model, give you the entire course, all workbooks you could ever need, automate the process and do a lot of the selling for you and pay out a good amount of money. However we do it. We want to create a sense of community for the coaches that work with us and that is our ongoing mission. We are continually working on perks and bonuses to keep all of the coaches that work with us happy and appreciated.