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Welcome to the Be A Beacon Coaching Academy. This Academy is designed to train existing business coaches in our exclusive, done for you system.

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Done For Your System

We set up everything for you as a coach because your time is valuable and we want to respect that. Our system is about 98% automated. The remaining portion is done by the coach just coaching and inviting people to our free master class. That’s it! Roughly breaks down to 3-4 hours a week tops. To learn more watch our explainer video.

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Make profits in the small business space

Micro & start-ups not profitable enough? Typically, you would be correct.Our system is proven to be able to pay our coaches $10,000 per full cohort!

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We train you in our materials and proven system

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We offer ample support throughout the process.

Our Mission


We set up our coaches for success through automation

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About The Cohort Experience!

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Here is a general overview of what you will be learning in this course. The training is at your own pace to not interfere with your existing schedules. 


If they follow our proven marketing strategy and they put in the efforts on their end yes. What you get out is what you put in. 

It is a combined effort. We advertise on our end for your cohorts as well as the other coaches. We expect the coaches to also advertise on their end with all of the tools we give them.

Yes. We are giving you all of the tools you need to create an amazing offer to clients right away and we do charge for access to our material. We also team you up with a mentor coach for 5 calls throughout your training and we give you ongoing support. Plus we setup your ads, sales funnels, gsuites and more.

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Success Stories from Our Amazing Members

Our Cohorts have dramatically changed their business for the better. Here are some of their stories
  • The wealth of knowledge in this course is beneficial to any coach.

    Steve McNail - Blooming Life Remedies
    Be A Beacon has created the numbers for clients to paint. This well-structured Course uses a paint-by-numbers approach to coaching, making it easy for coaches to guide their clients through weekly lessons in an organized fashion. At the same time, the coaches add unique value by sharing knowledge and experience with the clients on each topic. What I love the most about this program is the content. It covers the core requirements needed to establish and grow a small business while including progressive steps to propel existing companies to new heights. The content and detail from this platform, mixed with the coach’s experience, help create the perfect palette for a business masterpiece. The wealth of knowledge in this course is beneficial to any coach seeking to lead aspiring or existing small business owners to success as entrepreneurs. Thank you, Suzanne, for developing this valuable coach’s platform.
  • I had no idea about the structure and systems, or the dynamics and algorithms of social media and marketing

    Mark Devincentis - Owner, The 8 Cylinder Coach
    After attending Suzanne’s coaching Academy, I can tell you that I thought it did a very good job at preparing me to coach the students attending my group cohorts. Her program does a fantastic job at not only going through the basics and the “what & why” to focus on certain areas, but also the mindset piece. Mindset is something I personally strive to be a better coach at and with Suzanne’s assistance I feel I have made breakthrough’s into understanding its importance and how to communicate it to a coaching student. Suzanne’s program does an outstanding job at preparing you for how to best handle the individual lessons and the questions that are sure to follow. And it also follows through on helping you understand the philosophy behind the various lessons and those questions. One of the best choices I ever made was making the decision to attend her Academy and work with Suzanne. Professionally and personally she is one of the most intelligent and thoughtful people I have ever been associated with. Her character and ethics are beyond reproach. I would highly recommend her programs.
  • I am excited and honored to be part of the Coaching Academy.

    Shanti Gold- Owner Grow With A Pro
    Suzanne’s Be A Beacon Coaching Academy is rooted in a desire to help small businesses succeed to their fullest potential. Be A Beacon’s mission to help businesses in practical and meaningful ways is at the heart of every aspect of the training. The Coaching Academy is comprehensive, offering coaches the full spectrum of fundamentals they need to coach businesses toward success. The curriculum is video based and engaging, and the lessons build in ways that expand and reinforce the learning. For additional support, coaches are given one-on-one meetings with a Senior Coach as well as access to a wide range of support resources. Suzanne’s vision for Be A Beacon has created a collaborative place for businesses and coaches alike to thrive – I am excited and honored to be part of the Coaching Academy.
  • The Be A Beacon Coaching program was exactly what I needed to create a high ticket offer in my value ladder

    Brendan McCauley- Owner of Growing Entrepreneur
    Suzanne is such a positive influence in my life and absolutely incredible productive business development coach!! The Be A Beacon Coaching Academy was exactly what I needed to create a high ticket offer in my value ladder as I continue to work with growing entrepreneurs. The material is very straight forward and easy to follow, not to mention that Suzanne provides constant support and guidance through the entire training portion. I’m beyond excited to begin my first official cohort soon and I’ve already experienced major positive changes in my own business just by applying what she’s laid out in the course material. So proud of her for putting this together... going to change hundreds of thousands of lives.